A Stripped Down Pleroma


6-3-2020 12.17.31AM

It’s a little weird, I’ve entered a phase of using the fedi where I don’t really look at my fedi feed and I just interact with people who respond to my posts here.

It’s pretty good for my mental health, actually. I’m over scrolling through lots of threads of people trying to stir shit and get into fights.

I think in a lot of ways the presence that micro blogging and short comments on blogs allows is really toxic. The combination of highly public online broadcasting and the injunction to respond quickly leads to people talking past each other and getting frustrated and angry quickly.

I need to finish Richard Seymour’s /The Twittering Machine/, even though it is very, very confronting and upsetting to read about how communication networks we call ‘social media’ encourage the destruction of empathetic social interaction and relationships.

If I made an ActivityPub program, I would not implement favourites, I would not add code which counted follows, or boosts. I would only implement comments, and boosts, and the ability to make posts.

In fact I could even make a simple fork of pleroma which removed these features, even though, on the whole, I find pleroma to be an exceptional piece of software.

I am still trying to wrap my head around how ActivityPub actually works. I have read what amounts to the RFCs on it, but it still perplexes me - I need more help, really.

None of the programs which run ActivityPub are coded literately, so their operation is effectively a trade secret.

I’ll figure it out eventually, but it is still far, far too difficult for someone like me, who is actually quite smart, in order to get started on this stuff.

I think I might just start tinkering and just see what happens - the sign that your work cannot be communicated clearly and quickly is a big red light that you do not understand your subject matter.

Really, all work you do is just constant teaching and communicating and raising everyone up. It reminds me of when I worked as a trade person, a mechanic. A master mechanic is never not teaching mechanics their wisdom, and mechanics are never without an apprentice.

And the wisdom is not imparted downwards. Fuck it’s frustrating.

I’d have to explain it in person, but there’s something about… giving and taking reciprocally that you have to learn in order to be wise, and actually happy, instead of just making mad money.

Patience, flow, and a willingness to empathise with others is what makes you a good coder. In fact it’s not about the code, it’s about the feeling you get when you code. I wouldn’t code unless I got the symptom of enjoying it and having a fascination for it.

Seriously if something makes me feel unhappy, I do not consider it a virtue to persist in punishing myself through forcing myself to do it.

Also, I think it’s a moral vice if you withold kindness and openness. I’m not sure where I’m going with this hahahah

But for me, if the culture of your platform or protocol is fucked, that will be reflected in its social effects. Ian Hacking talks about the ‘looping effect of human kinds’ - fucked things reinforce more toxicity.