The Cover Letter I Use for Junior Developer Positions


To whom it may concern,

I am applying for your advertised position of Junior Developer.

Programming is a personal passion of mine. I have always wanted to be a software developer. I have been an amateur programmer since primary school, when I learned BASIC. I was a member of my high school computer club, where I learned Delphi and Pascal, and I entered programming competitions. In that club I was involved in collecting and processing eWaste for charities. I set up basic software defined radio systems, and experimented with long-range WiFi networks, connecting from Perth city to networks in the Hills region.

In my spare time I develop video games in C# for the Unity engine, and—this is a personal passion of mine—in assembly language for old 1980s video game consoles. You can find these projects in their half-finished states on github under my username:

I am also in the process of learning Ada, a wonderful language with very strong typing. I also have a working knowledge of Python, C, and Java. Studied all three in my spare time. I am a particular fan of Python.

I am a very experienced UNIX user—I have used Linux exclusively since I was 15. I have researched, written and edited my entire PhD thesis using free and open source tools. As a hobby, I like to compile my own Linux distributions from scratch—using the basic GNU compiler tools to compile and assemble a fully working Linux installation.

I host my personal blog on my own virtual private server, which I learned to keep secure using RSA keys and firewalls. I use the static site generation content management system Hugo to build the blog. I used several tools to automatically extract the content of my previous blogs, and convert them into markdown files. I then automated the cleanup of the markdown files with shell commands, because they were plain text.

I also host an open source video streaming platform on my VPS. The platform is called Peertube, which operates as a federated system of servers, which delivers high-demand content through peer-to-peer networks. I am automating the migration of my youtube channel to my Peertube instance.

I would love to be taken on as a junior developer, and start a long career as a programmer. I know I have what it takes to start my first official job as a programmer. I have the aptitude to fulfil my duties for this advertised role.

I hope this cover letter finds you well,

Blair Vidakovich