Transcript for Vlog for Daytrip to Berry NSW


Hey everyone, welcome to Saturday.

I’m just on my way to my psychiatrist now – aaaand I’m pretty tired.

Well, not too tired, actually. I’m not as tired as I could be.

But it would be nice to sleep in. But, I’ve gotta go to my psychiatrist’s. It’s very important that I go to my psychiatrist because I will not feel better unless I do!

Unless I go to my psychiatrist. Um. My phone camera is terrible. All this artifacting. Terrible.

Alright, I will see you lot in a bit!

I had a good um psychologist session. Psych- psychiatrist session. It was good. He told me not to worry about too much stuff about my situation because it’s something I can’t control and I should stop blaming myself so much.

Ah yeah. So Rhodes is my train station anyway so I guess it’s not that much of a surprise that this is the line that I’m on. I wish my phone camera didn’t have a crack in front of it.

I should probably stop making references to it. But um, I can find a job in 7 weeks, and I /can/ finish my PhD in 7 weeks. And I can do all these things - even if it’s just a casual job, it doesn’t matter.

I don’t have that much money to cover in the first place, and I can get a job, so I’m not too - I’m actually not worried. It’s just that I’m worried other people are worried and that I’m letting other people down but the psychiatrist said I shouldn’t let go of my own truth. So I’m not going to let go of my own truth, and I know that I can do it. So I can do it.

I shouldn’t get so upset.

So it’s lucky that I can film on the carriage like this because when it’s empty it’s really cool being able to film with a dynamic background.

Maybe I’ll look back at this time and not be so worried. Like I’m looking back on the times of the vlogs that I filmed before quite a bit. I really did enjoy the time that Charmaine and I lived in the Mount Lawley house together back in Perth. I also really enjoyed the time when we were first going out, I guess we were both unemployed though, so I guess it kind of sucked.

We have more possibilities now, I guess. We have more things. We have a deeper connection and a much more complex life than we used to.

So I’m not so worried.

Anyway. My stop is coming up soon, so I’ll see you. See you lot IN A BIT!

Hello everyone! Hopefully the … is the camera on me?

Charmaine, annoyed: …yes… I’m not STUPID!

Blair: Um, Charmaine says she doesn’t want to appear in the vlog anymore and that’s probably a good thing because she’s got an important job now. But anyway we’re on our way to Berry and Berry is just past Woollongong, it’s in south - I don’t think it’s in the Sydney Greater Area anymore because if it’s past Woollongong it’s obviously a different city. But it’s a bit like - I’m not really sure what the distances are between Woollongong and Sydney, but it’s kind of like Mandurah, Bunbury distance. Um, in like the Perth city distances- in the Perth analogue.

So when we’re there, Charmaine wants to get candy, like lollies.

Charmaine: Nah, I just wanna go have a look.

Blair: Yeah, we just wanna go have a look. So we’re on our way there now. The traffic was pretty good getting out, to be honest, it wasn’t that stressful, though I think the closer into the centre of Sydney you get, the more frantic the drivers get to be honest. It’s pretty hectic. But the further out you get, the more like a ballet it becomes, with people switching lanes and people taking very smooth curves.

So um, this is probably the first driving vlog I’ve done in a really long time, because for a long time I was just filming in the bedroom or the living room, especially in January and February. I wasn’t really filming outside that much, and that’s because I had my camera on a stand, I thought maybe that was the best quality. But then Zeb from the branch suggested that I film on my phone.

I suppose the only problem with my phone – I keep mentioning – is that there is a big crack on the front of the phone. I should get that fixed. But it’s not too bad.

Anyway, I’ll come back soon. The traffic is pretty good at the moment. So yeah, we’ll come back maybe when we’re a bit closer to Berry, or maybe when we’re in Berry!

Alright, see you soon!

Hey everyone, we’re in Berry now. We just saw the Doughnut van that Charmaine’s colleague was talking about, and we found a random toilet and we went to the toilet.

So yeah, we’re in Berry. Maybe I’ll vlog a bit more when we get to a restaurant or a pub or a bakery or something.

It’s really nice here. It’s kind of just like country WA to be honest, I guess country in Australia is the same everywhere. But then again what else could it be like? I dunno. Charmaine’s not responding. Hahaha.

Well we just got some doughnuts. And they’re really nice. They’re kind of like the Wanneroo market doughnuts, and they’re really crispy on the outside but really like, gooey on the inside. They’re really really nice. I also got some Nerdz rope from the lolly shop. I also got some chilli peanuts from /another/ lolly shop. And we went to two bakeries, and got pies and sausage rolls, which was really good, so … yeah! Overall I think Berry has been really fun. A reallly fun outing. I think I definitely needed an outing like this. I needed to get out of the house and do something slightly holiday-like, even if it’s just for a few hours. It’s reallly nice, and it’s a really good idea on Charmaine’s part. I’m really really happy about it.

[Under the Sea, by Foxy Morons, dubbed from the cassette tape]

Living life… under the sea… (aaaaahhh)

Living life… under the SEA! (aaahhh!)

[A fairly twangy indie rock song]

Hello. My video is probably rotated the wrong way. I’m going to bed now. I had a great day. There’s some stuff I wanna talk about but I’m a bit too tired to talk right now. I’ll talk about it tomorrow.

Goodnight. :-) I hope you had a good day. I hope I get all my vlogs uploaded. I think I’m up to like, June 2015 now? So. I should be able to get them all uploaded to Peertube.

Goodnight. :-) I’m really tired. I’m going to sleep.