Two Writing Samples


Here are two writing samples I submitted for a marketing firm, for a job interview.



Are you looking for an online presence that conveys the special feeling about why your message is important? Dilate, a web design company based in Perth, is able to capture that X-factor about what you’re trying to say, and craft a web design product which carries that idea across. It doesn’t matter what message you’re trying to impart – Dilate are among some of the most versatile and adaptable web designers in Perth.

Whether it be a drive through coffee shop, car retailer, bar and bistro, or tourism campaign, Dilate is here to distil and present online that indescribable something that makes your experiences important. Doing justice to the uniqueness of what you do is where the buck stops for Dilate. Nothing less will satisfy us!

We are true perfectionists. We will not stop our creative process until we are able to capture the absolute essence of what you do and make it immediately understandable. Take for instance our creative efforts for the country WA Shire of Nannup, for the Nannup Music Festival. This festival is one of the biggest attractions of the South West WA region, and we were charged with the task of creating an online presence for this very important event.

The Nannup Music Festival isn’t just an incredibly popular not-for-profit live music attraction that occurs in WA’s South West. It also forms part of the environmental and aboriginal rights movement. In crafting this online presence for the Shire of Nannup, Dilate was incredibly careful to convey the sublties and nuances of the special social and cultural significance that the Nannup Festival has for its community.

The festival puts special emphasis on recognising and empowering the rich heritage of the traditional owners of the land upon which the festival is held, the people to whom Noongar Boodjar land belongs. We chose to convey the special meaning the indigenous owners of the land find in their home, and the efforts that the convenors of the festival went to making sure this meaning was impressed upon their patrons.

The Nannup Music Festival also attempts to focus a great deal of attention on natural environmental issues. The natural environment can sometimes be a divisive topic, and so our task was to capture exactly what the convenors wanted to get across with their festival. The festival participates in the Green Steps Initiative, and is proudly free of any sponsorship from fossil fuel companies, and it was our job to capture the passion this festival hopes to put across about environmental activism, and make it easy with which to sympathise.

So, no message is too arcane or niche for Dilate Digital around which to craft a web presence! Nothing delights us more than being able to take what it is that makes your community initiative or small business unique and important, and put it forward online. We are here to make your passion clear and easy to understand. We care about what you feel is important!



It is now virtually unheard of to have a business that trades without some online shop. To have a business, be it small or multinational, just means to sell online. Ecommerce is now an imperative for businesses to remain productive as well as reputable. Despite this imperative to be and engage customers online, ecommerce is unfortunately not always as straightforward and simple as it should be. One enormous issue that business owners frequently have to worry about is negotiating the pitfalls of remaining secure while trading online. Luckily Dilate Digital is here to help you do the absolute best you can to fit in online with the jostling between other ecommerce providers, as well as remaining secure.

Dilate stands among some of the most adept and capable ecommerce website development houses in Perth. We understand what it takes to craft a truly engaging, productive and secure ecommerce presence. Our services are also attractive because they are affordable and easy to maintain.

When it comes to ecommerce website security, Dilate are specialists. We understand the most important strategies about how to keep your business secure. The most fundamental process through which we go in order to make sure your ecommerce is safe is by designing a website which you yourself can understand and use. The most important factor in ensuring online security is by helping educate informed users. Informing you of the way your website works, and ensuring you understand what you are doing online is our utmost priority. Even though our websites come with state of the art security software, none of the bells and whistles of sophisticated computer wizardry matters one iota if most security loopholes are caused by human error.

When it comes to what Dilate itself does in order to safeguard your business online, our security protocols for your ecommerce presence start from Day 0. An example of how we never falter in ensuring your online security is by offering webhosting for your ecommerce that is rock-solid in terms of its safety. Reliability in our web hosting is an absolute priority. Ecommerce websites that are frequently down are not just bad for your business good-will, it is also a clear indication to hackers that your website is easier to compromise.

The technical side of ecommerce can be a headache, but so can the aesthetic side. That is why we put just as much effort as with security into the creative design of your online shopping outlet. Having an interesting and engaging website facing the customer is a priority that Dilate never forgets. From selling cars, to holidays, to bottled water, Dilate knows exactly how to present your business to make sure customers feel like your service or products are trustworthy.

When it comes to ecommerce website design, Dilate well and truly keeps up with the competition. We’re waiting for your inquiry!