Victorian Socialists Condemn Hospital Boss


Victorian Socialists Candidates Condemn Geelong Hospital Boss

Tim Gooden, Victorian Socialists candidate for the Western Region Legislative Council and Dean Cardigan, Victorian Socialists candidate for the seat of Lara both entered the latest row at the Geelong hospital, condemning the CEO, Professor Ruth Salom, for not listening to her workers.

Professor Salom has claimed that the new $2 million CT scanner for Barwon Medical Imaging is a ‘risk mitigation purchase’ not a purchase due to volume increase. While the union operating the equipment, the Victorian Allied Health Professionals Association, claims the opposite and is demanding greater staffing.

Gooden said,

“I can’t believe that we are still having a debate at Geelong Hospital about the reduction of services, when VAHPA activists claim that there has been a 10% a month increase in demand.

“When is the CEO going to believe the workers who actually run the service? Victorian Socialists are demanding that the State Government provide funding to staff the new CT scanner because the Geelong community deserves a properly funded and staffed health service. We are sick of hearing penny pinching managers with their neo liberal approach, effectively cutting back services and forcing patients to go on longer waiting lists or head to Melbourne.”

Cardigan also noted,

“Once again all eyes are on the Geelong Hospital due to an ongoing fight over staffing and reduction of services, so no one is talking about the desperate need for services in high need areas like Norlane and Corio.

“No-one actually knows what services are going to be provided at the new Barwon Health North facility yet. $33million is being spent and no one can say what it will be. Will it just be a GP super clinic? Will it be an outpatient arm of the Geelong Hospital? Will it have an emergency facility like was originally promised? No-one knows.

“We want John Eren, the Labor member for Lara, to tell us what the actual provision of services will be and to guarantee their hasty implementation.”

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