What Makes People Do Anything


I constantly feel like I’m not productive enough. What makes people do anything productive? What makes people get put of bed in the morning and actually start the day?

My comrade Liam stayed over after a party one time, and when he left the next morning he shouted, “I am opening the front door and stepping out into the world!!” That quotation has always stuck in my head because I have always regarded going out into the world and being in it or changing it as an incredibly courageous act.

I suppose I am too hard on myself. I created a 3D fractal tree in Unity last night. My problem is I wanted to achieve more today. Maybe I will stay up until 3am like last night and be productive.

I have terrible sleep though. I feel tired and exhausted and yet I cannot sleep. And then during the day I feel exhausted and bored and so I do sleep. Everything is mixed up and out of order. I wish I could achieve what I want to achieve during the day. I don’t want to be awake all night and asleep during the day.

I feel like I don’t have enough willpower to getting around to transferring my youtube channel over to this Virtual Private Server. I keep trying to sit down and do it and I never do.