Numero Uno


Something’s wrong, guys. There are too many people playing video games of little substance, and I have a problem prioritising my time. Let’s make some more intelligent reviews of some video games. I won’t review new video games in preference to old; as far as I’m concerned the video game art-form permits one to look forward and back, casting an eye over everything – I’ll treat really good, older video games as I would ones that are being currently released.

I can’t say I’m particularly good at playing games, so bear that in mind.

What are the symptoms of the ills of electronic entertainment? They’re similar to that of films, in fact we could say that what is wrong with video games is that as what is, and what has always been wrong with art in general; there is nothing uniquely malformed about the present condition of art in contrast to that of the past:

These are two horrendously broad and synthetic elements that, unfortunately, overlap, but they should go a part way to finding a way to illuminating what is wrong with bad video games, and perhaps maybe where we might want to see the art-form of the video game develop.