Here are some of the following ideas I’ve had for some future posts. I would normally have just started some drafts and just left them there, but I think that since the ideas are so meaty, perhaps just mentioning them would be entertainment/thought-provoking enough in itself.

  1. Recent sales data (Eurogamer) on the WiiU suggests that the platform might be struggling to prove popular. I’d very much like to look into the important factors involved in past video game console launches.
  2. My interest in computer hardware engineering/design has lead me to this page on past famous or otherwise influential CPUs. As a result, I’d like to study the effects of computer hardware on video games. A quick thought I had was whether the jump to hardware capable of 3D visuals in the 90s necessarily lead to 3D platforming, or whether something similar could be said about 2D visuals. Central to this is the broader question of whether computer hardware could _determine_ video game content.
  3. More narrowly, I’d like to inspect and assess the hardware of the WiiU and the corresponding next-gen PlayStation and Xbox consoles.
  4. Having just done some reading on epistemology/the philosophy of the mind–schools of thought such as idealism and physicalism, characters such as Berkeley and Kant–I’d like to conduct a discussion on the philosophy associated with virtual reality. I find Lacanian concepts of Real, Imaginary, and Symbolic fascinating on this subject. The discussion that Slavoj Zizek makes in his book Parallax View remains a favourite of mine, and I’d really like to include it. Against a lot of the mind-oriented theory is the equally interesting physicalist injunction that video games are really just the effects of electricity and the organisation of atoms in hard-drives and semiconductor integrated circuits.
  5. I just received a copy of Banjo Tooie, and it would be pretty cool to compare and contrast it with its predecessor.
  6. Playing Sonic 2 and 3, and reading about Nights Into Dreams and the Sega _Dreamcast_ development makes me interested to study the artistic traits of video game legend, programmer Yuji Naka.
  7. I’m coming to believe that a lot of the nostalgia that gamers have for the Mega Drive/Genesis-Super Nintendo ‘console war’ era is the result of an illusion created and maintained by marketing and advertisements. I’d like to test this idea by looking at sales data and other forms of concrete evidence.

There’s so much interesting stuff to write on! I just need the time!